Today’s High Tech Auto Body Shop

The evolution of a car has changed dramatically since the first automobile was developed centuries past. The automobile body from automobiles of yesteryear didn’t possess much in the manner of another chance. If the unthinkable happened to cause damage, mechanics in auto body shops might have been in a position to perform some patch-up job but nothing that could be compared with repairs potential now as a consequence of the high tech gear used on a daily basis.


Spotting a fantastic paint job is something most folks can do. Formerly, obtaining paintwork fixed was a nightmare. You’d go into a repair shop and spend some time together with the mechanic arguing over which color was the nearest to that of the vehicle, knowing that if someone takes any notice of your vehicle the patchy paint job is going to be revealed.

Fast forward to 2014 and technology is able to learn the specific paint color code of your current coat of paint which then allows the mechanisms to replicate the specific same color to ensure that the auto body looks like new.

Technology has also decreased the carbon footprint impact painting the auto body has. The lead was a key ingredient in paints that aren’t great for the health of both humans and the environment.


Mechanics have always been known to have a fantastic eye and while this hasn’t changed they are now assisted by technology. Tech can get the dimensions 100% precise, each and every moment. While there was initially some resistance to embrace the tech all auto body shop have now realized computers would be the way forward and when not used the store may as well throw in the white towel today.


Every automobile body shot mechanic from Calgary to Timbuktu is acquainted with welding. The substances used to weld components in place is pretty important stuff, a weak point in welding could be harmful. As researchers have looked into place welds, the sheets used for its welds are now lighter and stronger than those 10 decades ago. Researchers look specifically for the very best balance to optimize cross-tension strength versus tensile power to supply the best choices. Another result’s of using lighter materials from the welding procedure is the ecological benefits.

Paintless dent repairs have been handled in automobile body shops every day. This is 1 place in the high tech body stores which hasn’t been completely altered by technology. Initially elbow grease was all that was demanded with a little know how. Fast forward today, the occupation is still manual however a couple of specialist tools are used to get the best outcomes.