Kitchen Design

Take the First Steps to Success – Planning


A number of my clients have, unfortunately, initiated the design of the kitchen without an understanding of the extent of what’s really involved in the procedure, concerning layout, budget, deadline and other issues. In such cases, our design process together, was frustrating for the customer and for me. Because of this, this article will explain the procedure so you will have the opportunity to become better informed before you begin your kitchen project, thereby avoiding uninformed choices or possibly spending time and/or money needlessly.

This guide is not about the specific design characteristics of your kitchen backsplash and how to style it. There are many good resources out there for this. On the contrary, it is about the practice of designing your own kitchen. It is supposed to help in getting a head start and to expose anybody who is, or may be, embarking on the plan of a new or remodeled kitchen, to the first and most crucial step – Planning.

Designing a kitchen to get a new or existing house is a big investment in time, energy and money and it’s sometimes stressful and challenging. Unfortunately, some vendors and TV programs do not like to dwell on this aspect and therefore mislead the customer regarding the actual quantity of effort and time that’s required. Even though developing a new kitchen is challenging, most clients say the results are more than worth the attempt. I hope that the information given herein will be a beneficial contribution toward getting you well on your way to a successful project.

Before beginning the process of designing your brand new kitchen, you will need to set the criteria to the design. I suggest that you engage a professional kitchen designer that doesn’t only designs the cupboard layout, but layouts every element of this kitchen also is involved throughout the whole project, so the final outcome is going to be a cohesive design that reflects optimal function and style. The designer won’t just help you create a gorgeous, efficient, kitchen but will save considerable time and money and you will both have fun developing your joint production. I trust that what follows will get your energy flowing along with thoughts rushing, in preparation for actually embarking upon your journey.


The kitchen has traditionally been the main room in the home because cooking and sharing meals has long been fundamental to family life. Meals will remain significant, but cooking has, in some cases, significantly altered. The grocery industry has concentrated on replacements for home meals and countless restaurants have incorporated “to-go” within their business model. Whether we cook regularly or not, kitchens remain the basis of family life since it is where we live and gather. This is where most people start and finish our days and share the information of our day.

The electronics for an entertainment center may include TV, music and internet connection and the workplace area might have a desk, files, computer and bookshelves.


Determine with your loved ones, who utilizes your present kitchen and the way, and go over the conveniences you would like to have from the new edition. Make a record of notes and articles on kitchen and kitchens characteristics that interest you along with photographs of kitchens you prefer. Evaluate how and when you cook where you serve meals to whom and how often you entertain and how you entertain. Inventory your own dishes, silverware, serving pieces, cookware, linens, and your normal supermarket storage demands so you can be sure that the new layout accommodates everything.

It seems that however much time you budget for a remodeling job, it normally takes more than you predicted. For a complete remodel, the down time during structure can be at least two or three weeks and much longer, depending on the size and extent of the undertaking. Thus, before construction starts make arrangements to store, heat and clean up, enough to keep you going until the kitchen is back online. Many of my clients who’ve had the great fortune to have a bar sink in the living area, have transferred in the old fridge and microwave close to the pub sink and this combination becomes the interim kitchen during construction of the new one.


Let us begin with the area you have available for kitchen. Whether you’re designing for a new home, or remodeling in a current one, you are limited by how much space you have available to create your fantasy. In case the area is rather small, you will want to think about whether or not you have the choice of expanding. You could have the ability to achieve this on your current home and, in a new house, very often you still have the time to alter the architectural strategy, if necessary. In either case, if you’re able to eliminate or relocate a wall or walls or add to the home to make more space to your kitchen, it is going to enhance the value and function of the room considerably.