3 Ways to Protect WoW Accounts

Many of you guys are most likely thinking of ways to safeguard your cherished WoW (World of Warcraft) Accounts. Doing so is not that complicated. You do not have to lock yourself into a vault or a safe room. I have listed 3 noob-proof ways to safeguard your prized WoW accounts.

In creating your WoW Account, you must take several things into account. Am I prepared to supply my personal details? Can I access the email going to be utilized? It’s necessary to fill in all the required information accurately for account ethics. In addition, you will need to get a legitimate working email registered so that in case a problem occurs with your WoW Account it is far less difficult for you to be reached by Blizzard or vice versa.

Also, in Buy WoW accounts, you have to create a username and password. The more unique it is, the more protected. Much better if you have not used it before and completely created it for WoW use only. Use a strong password and always remember it. There’s another safety feature when you create a WoW Account, the secret question. From the title you need to be in a position to understand it is a “SECRET” query and just you know the solution. I strongly say you don’t share or tell those to others EVER!
I nearly forgot, be sure that you secure your original CD-KEY (which can be registered to a WoW accounts) in a secure place. In the event of possession dispute or difficulty, you may have to provide people to Blizzard. And keep them a secret also OK?

Don’t rush things! Play the game quite. The majority of WoW Accounts holder tend to search for game hacks or exploits. Maybe there are a few but let’s face it, if I had created or found a harness for the game, why discuss it? We do stumble every now and then into sites or forums claiming that they have a program capable of duping things and creating golds in WoW. Either they will ask for your account details or cause you to download a specific software (key-loggers) mining your WoW account. There was once a bot program that surfaced the net in the past. It actually worked, you could use it to power level your WoW figures in a breeze. Many didn’t know their WoW username and passwords has been sent to match hackers. You wouldn’t like to be a crying loser in the end.

Keep your Computer running safely

Anti-virus! Yes! It will protect your WoW Account in addition to whatever you do with your computer. You do not need your computer to be vulnerable with all of the viruses propagating through the web, would you? There are a whole lot of good virus protection softwares you may choose from the likes of McAfee, Norton, AVG, Kaspersky, etc.. Select the one that suits you and always make sure it is updated. And some do come for Free! So you don’t have any explanation of getting yourself one.

Scan your system for malwares. There are programs that by-pass the virus scanner and undermine privacy. Install malware along with your anti virus.

Empower your Firewall. It is just another method of securing your WoW Account. Firewall keep those “unwanted” data from entering our systems. We don’t need our computers to be “vulnerable” against attacks and maintaining it enabled is a must.